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John D Clare (MA Oxon) is Durham County Council Support Cabinet member for Economy and Regeneration. He started his career teaching children with brain damage in an inner city Special Education unit, but went as Head of History in 1979 to Greenfield School, where he eventually became Deputy Headteacher, retiring in 2010. Described in Teaching History as ‘the best […]

Steven Harrison attends Woodham Academy, he is currently in year 7 and has lived in Newton Aycliffe since he was two years old. He enjoys Stunt Scootering, Football and PS4. Steven will be hosting the Teens Show on a Monday evening from 11pm with regular guest presenters.

Mary O’Sullivan has lived in Newton Aycliffe most of her life, she loves the town and its people. She has experienced a lot, some of which has been painful, but thinks of her experiences as life’s lessons which have given her a purpose in life and brought her to where she is today. Via Aycliffe […]

Craig Davidson aka “CAD”, moved to Newton Aycliffe in the 1970’s then moved down south aged 10. He always classed Aycliffe as his home town and returned in his early 30s. A lover of most genre’s of music, “CAD” favours both rock and meta;, from Black Sabbath to Machinehead, “CAD” enjoys music with a catchy […]

Colin McNeillie was born and bred in Newton Aycliffe, started DJing in 1989 in Burnley and continued for 22 years doing the usual weddings, birthdays, christenings and even a funeral. Colin has been a massive fan of “Blues” for more years than he cares to remember, oddly it was a Blues parody song “Drinking Socially” […]

I’m Karl Simons and I am so happy to be joining Aycliffe Radio to bring you nothing but the 60’s on the “60’s at 6” each Monday evening! I was born at a very early age in New York City but moved to Newton Aycliffe back in the early 1970’s! I started my radio career […]

Amy was born in Northern Ireland in 1987 and moved to England in 1992, ending up in Newton Aycliffe in 2007 and loves the town. Amy wouldn’t move away from Newton Aycliffe  for all the tea in China! She loves to cook, sing and is a keen “Gin” drinker. Amy is a mother of two […]

Colin (pictured left) co-presents the Folk / Rock show with Stephen Hindle (right) on Aycliffe Radio which is broadcast on a Sunday afternoon between 4 and 6pm. Colin says “I am  a member of a Waterboys, Pogues and Levellers tribute act when I guzzle ‘Black Velvet’, I do my thinking when I’m drinking.”

Stephen (pictured right) co-presents the Folk / Rock show with Colin Eales (left) on Aycliffe Radio which is broadcast on a Sunday afternoon between 4 and 6pm. Stephen says “We met in New York when we landed jobs as members of a dancing troupe called ‘Ma heids mince’, then broke away and formed our own […]

Hi, my name is Graeme Roote, I live in Darlington with my two boys. I have been mixing tunes on and off for 12 years on a program by Native Instrument called Traktor, (I don’t use vinyl records) and I get a real buzz from mixing and getting the opportunity to have a wider audience […]

Hi I’m Paul Baker, I am a full time DJ & Presenter. I have been in the entertainment industry since 1994 when I started my first mobile disco, catering for private functions such as weddings and birthday parties. One year later in 1995 it became my full time job. In 1996, in addition to DJ’ing, […]

Jim started DJing in the 1980s with mobile discos and moved to residencies in Bishop Auckland in the early 1990s, playing The Bostonian, The Castle Hotel and Lennon’s. During this time he was given the nickname “JimJams” which became his DJ name. JimJams will be presenting “The Evening Session” which will bring a blend of […]

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